I have painted in watercolours for many years, and started to take it more seriously whilst working in Bermuda. Watercolour seemed the ideal medium to capture the natural beauty of the Island. More recently I have been working in pen and ink and for some reason I have found I have more patience with this medium than either watercolour or oil paints.

Whilst in Bermuda I exhibited with the Bermuda arts society. In my first show, two of my paintings were selected as Presidents choice by the society themselves, and were purchased and donated to The Masterworks Foundation Gallery. This was set up many years ago to collect Artist's works who over the years have painted in Bermuda. Some notable Artists that have paintings in the Masterworks Foundation Gallery include Winslow Homer, Georgia O’Keeffe, Ogden Pleissner, and Albert Gleizis to name just a few.

Over the three years in Bermuda I had a number of favourable articles in the local press. A number of galleries in Bermuda represented me, and some of my paintings were sold to clients in the USA and Canada.

Since returning to the UK I have produced limited edition prints for the MOD, numerous Christmas Cards and local Kent scenes. Christmas 2011 I was invited to submit paintings to the Christmas show in Hamilton Bermuda at Windjammer II gallery, where two of my pen and inks were sold, and two other paintings are now in a gallery in St Georges Bermuda. I have recently joined the Sevenoaks Art Club, and exhibit every year in Sevenoaks. The Society are extremely active and meet every other Saturday and often have professional artists giving demonstrations. There are so many good artists in the society who are tremendously supportive and always interesting to work alongside.

A number of years ago I was busy illustrating new developments mainly for very small developers who built in and around the Sevenoaks area. With the advent of CGI, many architects follow this path now, which is a great shame as you get little personality of a property created on a computer screen.

Most of my current work output is with pen and ink, which I find very satisfying and one form of art I seem to have a lot of patience for.