Hope you enjoy viewing my website. I have been planning to put one together for a long time, but unfortunately have not had the skills. That is where my son Christopher comes in he has developed this site for me and I am rather impressed.

Over the last 25 plus years I have been painting in watercolours and over the past four years I have been experimenting with pen and ink, and oil painting. For some reason I seem to have a lot more patience with pen and ink than either of the other two mediums. I find this rather strange as pen and ink is very time consuming and not as quick to complete an image as either watercolour or oil painting.

I find it extremely relaxing drawing in pen and ink, even though the process is quite long winded. It's possible I find that I am more in control of the process than watercolour as often in watercolour you don't always get the desired result as sometimes the process can take you down a different road, sometimes this can be enjoyable sometimes frustrating, but that is part of the fun.

I know when I have completed a good pen and ink is when I keep returning to it and not getting tired of the image. It doesn't matter it is black and white as a well-executed pen and ink can hold its own against any other artist medium. I believe pen and ink has a place in today’s art world and will be recognised again as a serious medium with a commercial appeal.

You don't have to believe what I am saying as I am only expressing my thoughts on this page. But please take your time and have close look at the images I have added.

I hope soon to add more features to the web site as I build my confidence. They will include a section called 'Sketch book talk', where I will add images from my sketch book informing you where I have been working and the process/inspiration behind my sketches etc. I also hope to have another section where I will display my latest work and the thoughts and processes behind it, this will hopefully add more images to the site which I hope you will enjoy.